Good News and Bad News for the Suns and Un-Lucky Whitehead

After the great news that the Suns would not include rookie Josh Jackson as part of any trade package to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving, they got some bad news.

Guard Brandon Knight tore his ACL in a Pro-Am game in Miami and will miss the whole season. The injury means he will not be a part of any trade deals for the suns to secure more assets or continue to get younger.

Lucky Whitehead gave an interview to ABC about getting cut from the Dallas Cowboys after he was charged with shoplifting in Virginia. The Prince William County PD in Virginia released a statement that it was a case of stolen identity and that the suspect was in fact not Lucky Whitehead at all. This revelation comes too little too late as the Cowboys are not going to resign Whitehead.

In the interview, Whitehead had some tough words for the Cowboys organization. “They have all these mantras and values that they preach as an organization, and they went back on them,” Whitehead said. Essentially calling them hypocrites

Whitehead also had his dog stolen from him and held for ransom earlier this summer. The saga all took place on social media where he first announced the theft and later the dog’s safe return home. I have a feeling that Whitehead will get a chance to play again. As a return man, he forced the second most missed tackles behind only the Chiefs’ dynamic returner Tyreke Hill.

The Cardinals have the day off from training camp today and will pick up on Thursday, Friday and the Red and White practice this Saturday. Get there early if you want to get a seat close enough to snag an autograph or two.

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