My Final Thoughts on Lavar Ball

The biggest conversation in sports talk land has been the Lavar Ball, and Kristine Leahy argues on Colin Cowherd’s show. Leahy asked Ball how many shoes he has sold to which Ball responded Stay in your lane. That comment sparked a back forth it was incredible radio, but also very hard to follow if you didn’t know the back story.

Leahy on a previous day had talked about Lonzo always looking like a Robot and seems scared to speak up when he was around his dad.

We know Lavar heard this because he also took a shot a Jason Whitlock that also made comments from that same episode and was not even there to defend himself.

As I am writing this, I think this will be the last time that I talk about Lonzo’s dad on my website or mini-podcast. I felt like he was out of line. In the middle of disrespecting a woman, Ball said that he has and I quote “never disrespected a woman.” That is the type of hyperbole that drives me crazy. I bet you have Lavar, cause I am watching you be disrespectful now. I would have had a conscious to side with him if he had said, “I am not disrespecting you because you are a woman, I am disrespecting you because you made comments previously and I am offended.” That would have at least been the truth.

It makes me laugh to hear him say that he wants three billion dollars for his kid’s shoe deal now, which is one billion more than the Steve Ballmer paid for the Clippers. Sure Lavar your children that have never played a game in the NBA are worth more than one of its franchises. I am so over this dude.

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