Suns Draft Josh Jackson and More Conor Analysis

The NBA Draft is over, and the first handful of picks went as planned. Fultz and Ball went one and two as almost everyone expected. Then the Celtics took Jayson Tatum, and the Suns Followed with Josh Jackson.

Jackson will fit in perfectly with the young core the Suns have put together. He is a defensively minded slasher that finishes at the rim very well. There are questions about his jump shot because Jackson only shot 56% from the free throw line. However, he does fit in very well with the “Shoot the three and play D.” roster building strategy by some of the best playoff teams this year. I think the Suns might have a decent product on the court next year, but I still hope they find themselves in the lottery to grab one more piece.

As promised yesterday I would talk more about McGregor and his best strategy to win. We have seen a tendency by him to gas in fights. He openly admitted that is why he lost the first fight to Nate Diaz, and he gassed again in the second round of the rematch but was able to catch a second wind and do enough to squeak out a decision.

This idea that he has a left that will knock Floyd out means that he will need to set it up with combinations or he will have to unload a massive power shot to blast through Floyd’s Philly Shell. Either of those options will leave Conor out of energy after two or three rounds. He has to be patient to have a chance. Using lots of feints and head movement to get Floyd to engage and then become the counter puncher. Teddy Atlas said it best, knock on the door to get Floyd to open it and when nobody is there, counter him.

This isn’t a sure-fire strategy that will get Conor the win. He more than likely would get out pointed and Floyd walks away with a decision. This is, however, the best way for Conor to have any chance at all to catch Floyd with a big shot that could hurt him. I would love to see Conor shock the world, but I can’t sit here with a straight face and say it is going to happen.

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