The Power of Sports

I am Lenny Letcher, and this is your Long Ball Breakdown,

The power of sports is phenomenal. Its ability to capture the hearts and minds of the entire country regardless of our differences is amazing.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the 49ers at all. But yesterday a short clip of receiver Marquis Goodwin talking to a young fan in a wheelchair who was having a bad day was incredible. The boy looked like he was about to be in tears and shared that he was dealing with a headache. Goodwin leaned in closer and told the boy that his sister was in a wheelchair and she had never walked in her life. He tells him that the 49ers love him and you could see the kid’s attitude change. The smile from the boy shows the impact sports and its athletes can have on the people that need it the most. It tugged at the heartstrings.

There is no bigger stage to what athletes and sports teams can do than when disaster strikes. Hurrican Harvey has given us so many parallels with Katrina and I think about the power the Saints had in New Orleans as part of the healing process for the city.

The Houston Texans and Astros will have an even bigger role in this disaster. JJ Watt has already raised a million dollars for relief funds. ESPN broadcasters that live in the Dallas area are filling up trucks with supplies, like diapers and baby formula for the shelters that are taking in evacuees from Houston. The NFL and some owners have donated just over four million dollars and Jim Crane the owner of the Astros gave four million himself. The University of Houston basketball coach has encouraged his other coaches to send in clothing for evacuees, and they have risen to the challenge sending box trucks full of gear.

This storm is not over, and it is heading to Louisiana next. It is back over the water in the Gulf and is picking up even more moisture. The flooding is not over as more cities along the path are bracing for disaster. Let’s hope and pray that everyone stays safe.

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