Triple Double, Watt Takes a Shot, and Mayweather Makes it Rain

Lonzo Ball had his second big game in a row for the Lakers summer league team. With 16 points, 12 assists and ten boards he has notched his second triple double of the year. He did not shot the ball well going 6–20 from the field, but he is more and more reminding me of Jason Kidd. He will get better with his shot and can be even better as he grows.

Much has been hyped about the Big Baller Brand shoes and their price point of $495, and it has been exaggerated after these last two game from Lonzo Ball. He ditched his BBB shoes in favor of Nikes and Addidas for the last two games in which he has played very well. JJ Watt saw this as an opening and took a shot at BBB on Twitter. Watt Tweeted his shoes were “$400 less than some shoes on the market and 100% more effective.” He followed up that dig with “And I actually wear them.”

JJ Watt is a beast on and off the field.

Finally, your daily update on the #MayMacWorldTour. The tour is getting closer and closer to a WWE Wrestlemania tour as it goes on. McGregor came on stage in leather pants, no shirt and a fur coat in which left the opening for Mayweather to call McGregor a stripper (through a timely placed song) and made it rain on the UFC champ with the roughly 5k in cash. McGregor quickly pointed out that it was all in ones. This is getting old and will be played out by the time they leave London. I will still give them my $100 to watch the fight.

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