Warriors Smack the Spurs, the Lottery, and Lonzo to LA

The Warriors stomped the Spurs last night 136–100 and still have not lost in this year’s playoffs. I don’t know if reaching the finals without losing a game has ever been done, but it might just happen with both teams that reach the finals this year. I think it is highly unlikely the Celtics don’t win at least one game, but there is a possibility of the Cavaliers and Warriors being undefeated entering the final series.

The Suns got shafted last night by getting the fourth pick in the draft. The Celtics and Lakers got the top two position, Philadelphia gets the third pick. The Suns finished with the second-worst record in the league last year and had 28% chance at the top draft spot. They still have options at number four, but fans were very disappointed.

Now that the Lakers have the second pick, sources have already stated that Lonzo Ball will only work out for LA. He is a local kid that played his high school basketball at Chino Hills and then went to UCLA, where is two younger brothers are also committed to playing. Playing in LA would be a marketing dream for his father Lavar Ball and his billion-dollar aspirations for his three boys. As much as I like Lonzo’s game I am happy that he won’t be coming to Phoenix and bringing his father’s drama with him.

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