6 Vital Tips When Purchasing a New Folding Bicycle

The collapsible bike and the conventional bicycle are very much similar to each other. The folding mechanism that offers you with the ease of storage and transport is the only difference between the two. It’s fun to ride these folding bikes, which can provide that ideal solution for the environmental crisis.

Today, the market of the foldable bike industry offers a wide range of folding bicycle brands with different features. With its variety, choosing the right one for you can be challenging.

No single type of bicycle fit everyone, but it’s possible to narrow down your choices by determining your requirements and needs. And one of the most important aspect to consider is the type of riding you’ll do. Will you be using it for your daily commute to work or for leisure trips around the neighbourhood? Whatever the purpose is, your bike needs to be lightweight and comfortable. The best folding bike can be determined through its features including compact size, better folding speed, easy portability, and the cost of purchase and maintenance.

Below are the things to look for when purchasing a new folding bike:

Frame Design
The design of the frame should not make the folding mechanism hard because the main idea here is to add ease and functionality to the bike. Another important aspect is its built-in material such as the titanium, carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum. The titanium and carbon fiber are both lightweight yet too pricey. On the other hand, steel and aluminum are heavier but are tremendously durable.

Wheel Size
 The wheel sizes of most folding bikes are usually in the following diameters: 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, and 26. The smallest wheel sizes are 14 and 16 diameters, which are particularly created for the purpose of leisure rides. While bigger wheels that measure 24 and 26 diameters are best fit to mountain bikes as they offer the maximum level of stability.

Folding Mechanism
 Different bicycle brands make use of different folding mechanisms. The commonly used ones are split fold, break away and triangular hinge. In the split mechanism, the bike has a single hinge which let the bike be folded in half. The breakaway mechanism, on the other hand, enables you to fold the bike by disassembling selected parts. And lastly, the triangular hinge mechanism features more clasps and hinges that allow you to fold the bike into a more compact form.

Seat Adjustment
Another important thing to consider is the seat adjustment. The comfort and ease of riding a bike depending on the sitting down postures. Choose a bicycle that provides you with various adjusting options to suit your individual preference. If your bike is properly installed, this will ensure greater enjoyment and less strain on the limbs.

Bike Case
The folding bike case or bag is known to be one of the most important bicycle accessories. The best one allows you to carry it with ease and comfort.

Maintenance Cost 
If you want your bicycle to perform at its optimum capacity, have it maintained on a regular basis. Also, make sure that what you’re getting is not an outdated one so that the components are still available in the market. Remember to consider these important factors when choosing your ideal folding bike.

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