Rohtak Gang Rape: The “Nirbhayas” of India

This is just the story of another girl who has succumbed in the cruel hands of evil men.This Nirbhaya had to die because she rejected a marriage proposal from a jilted lover. This time, she wasn’t drunk, she wasn’t wearing a provocative dress and she wasn’t even attending a late night party(amused much?). After all, it is a common spectacle to see such comments, isn’t it? As the violence was evident and as she wasn’t ‘wrong-doing’, we were spared from the pathetic ramblings of the conservative judgmental bigots abundant in our culturally and traditionally rich nation! The protests and reforms by the people, the police, the politicians and the media have been side-lined as these atrocities against women continue- as observed throughout history, by the hands of our rapists. As they say, “rape is the only crime in the world where the victim is accused”

The story…

Our Nirbhaya here didn’t have money to study after 10th standard. She worked as a packer in a pharmaceutical company. She used to earn 4000 Rs a month and her parents were proud of her because she used it to help her household. After rejecting the marriage proposal from her neighbor, who constantly stalked and threatened her afterward, her mother had to file a case one month prior to this incident, which ended in a compromise. She was kidnapped by a gang of 8 in a car, from Panipat. She was drugged first, and then she was raped and tortured all the way to Rohtak. Then, she was assaulted with a brick and murdered. Her carcass was found in an open-field, partially devoured by dogs. She was crushed by a car to prevent identification. Sadly, this is not the whole of what her parents had to go through. The post-mortem report showed that her windpipe was missing and that her skull had been shattered. Gnaw marks on her chest and a report of insertion of objects into her private parts also came out. This was a reflection of the Nirbhaya case that happened in Delhi in 2012 and a reflection of the situation of our daughters, sisters, and mothers in India.

The incidents of rape started in India from the time it was partitioned- where around 100000 lakh women were reportedly kidnapped and raped. Rapes are the 4th most common crime in our country. Around 25000 similar crimes happened in 2012 as recorded by the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) and 98% of these were by someone known to the victim. There were thousands of other incidents which, after the initial hype, died out. The Delhi rape case in 2012 shook India as a whole. The public protests spanned all over the country- The protests in Delhi which had to be dispensed by the police with force, the demonstrations in Bangalore, the Silent march in Kolkata, the Candle marches in Kerala along with online petitions and the social media support in Facebook and WhatsApp. Finally, she got her justice after 4 years. From her parent’s reactions, we could see that Justice was sweet even though it was delayed. Notably, there are cases like the Bilkis Bano case where justice hasn’t been served yet.

There were conferences and meetings all over the country, and after the drama was over, we had a hope that the versions of this heinous crime, if not stopped would at least reduce. But did it? Nope. The horror repeated again in 2013,2014, 2015 and 2016 in the same frequency unless it hasn’t increased. Here are a few incidents that took place after the death sentence was issued, well, in the last week.

  • May 6th: 3 years old raped by her neighbor.
  • May 8th: Mother drugged her daughter and she was raped for a period of 5 months.
  • May 10th(1): 5-year-old deaf and dumb girl raped.
  • May 10th(2): 10-month-old baby raped.
  • May 11th: School owner caught for exploiting his own daughter for 5 years.
  • may 13th: 10 years old impregnated by the step-father.
  • may 14th: Rohtak incident.
  • May 15th: 22 years old, raped in Sikkim in a car.

These are a few notable incidents as pointed out by Schoop-whoop. Sadly, there are thousands of ‘small’ rapes which can be filtered from local newspapers throughout the country. There are even more cases to be found out and tragically there are lakhs of unreported cases which may even be impossible to find! Ironically, we haven’t even included marital rapes in this list which happens to millions. All of these incidents are making everyone wonder where the issue actually resides. Is it with the judiciary with a lot of loopholes which were utilized by the criminals to escape (Like in the Nirbhaya case- A criminal escaped because he was a month younger than 18) even after committing the most gruesome of acts? Or the years of delay in enforcing necessary justice (Like in the Bilikis Bano case where justice hasn’t been served yet, even after 12 years)? Or is the issue with the politicians or the police who play the blame game? Or is it the reverberation of a male dominated society throughout ages and which the conservative and traditionally rich society failed to cater? Till the day we find a permanent solution, we are left to see the daughters of our country suffer this agony..!