Learning a new coding language can be daunting, stressful, and lonely. How would I know? Well, in 2015, I attended a 9-week coding bootcamp and learned Ruby on Rails. When I went on interviews, no one was impressed with my Ruby on Rails knowledge. I was told, “We are looking for Swift, PHP, or Objective-C developers”. I had to regroup, create a curriculum, and focus on learning the skills the industry demanded. I couldn’t afford attending another bootcamp so I taught myself. It would have been nice to hold on to the money I spent at the bootcamp but I…

This year, I decided that I didn’t want to attend a conference where I wasn’t represented on the stage. Before the Diversity and Inclusion people start emailing, I specifically mean a black female or male UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Design Lead, or Director of Design speaking at a conference. Anyone of those things would be great, but I rarely see that at tech or design conferences.

I thought about attending Event Apart Denver 2017 — No representation, UX Week 2017 — No representation, The Service Experience Conference 2017 — No representation, Interaction 17 — One black female designer represented out…

Lenora Porter

Software Engineer @ Heroku (Salesforce) | Prev Sr Product Designer | Founder of Black Women in Product Design | www.lenoraporter.com

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