Three Essential WordPress Plugins

Our default plugins for WordPress

At Lens Digital, WordPress is our go to platform for building websites. We aim to keep each installation as light as possible. However, we have a number of plugins that we install by default. Whilst these do not necessarily enhance the front-end user experience, they are important to ensure the smooth operation of the website.

So without further ado, here are our top 3 WordPress plugins;

UpdraftPlus — Backup/Restore

Backup, backup, backup — rule number 1 in computing. Rule number 2 is regularly test your backups. There is no point in having backups only to find out that at a critical point, for whatever reason, it is unusable. These are lessons that we have learnt and don’t plan to learn them again.

This plugin enables us to do offsite backups either to our own FTP servers or into the cloud with a provider such as DropBox. The settings allow you to set the frequency and the retention of backups.

Yoast SEO

What is the point of a website if you can’t find it? This plugin makes SEO easy. You can either use the configuration wizard and take the defaults or enable the advanced settings and optimize the SEO of each page.

WP Super Cache

WordPress adds an overhead over a standard HTML website. Our preferred web host, Vidahost, recommends the use of WP Super Cache to improve performance.

There are other WordPress caching plugin available. It is always advisable to talk to your web host to see which one they recommend.

An honourable mention for;

Contact Form 7

Although we don’t always install this plugin. If the website build needs a contact form, then this plugin is the one we use. Simple to create a form and a breeze to implement.

Which plugins do you use when building a website? Is there any missing from our list?