I am so glad come to Denver Art Museum again to spend one hour with one project. This time I choose to spend on hour with Fridalandia. This project is made only by colorful sticky notes, and it describe the American pop culture. This is my favorite area in this project. It is a garden, and all the trees and grass are made by the sticky notes. I think this is the hardest part to make. The artist used different color sticky nots to make, and it looks like the really picture. This is a peacock in the garden. It also made by three main color sticky nots. They are green, blue and yellow. The green part is the tail. This 3 dimensional cage is fantastic. It looks like the real. The artist needed to think about the whole figure before actual make it. This is another animal made by the artist. It is a parrot. The color choice is fantastic, because this makes it like the real parrot. It is hard to tell what is on the wall when I stand close to it, but I find it is a mountain finally after I step a little bit far from it. The flower design looks very vivid. Too bad I cannot touch it. I very want to know how the feeling of this project’s material. The whole project looks like the sticky nots wall. I took it by using the pano on my cell phone.

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