One-Way Mirror

Finally I decide to spend one hour on the project, which names One-Way Mirror. The idea of it is totally different from many other projects. This is the whole look of the One-Way Mirror project. Two videos and images on the two walls, and there is one two sides mirror in between. The long video is about 3 minutes. This video image is projected on the wall. In the mirror is the reflection of the desperation of this project. Shotting through the mirror. Technically this is not a real mirror, because I was twisted a little bit when I see from the mirror. The reflection of the reflection. The projector project the video on the wall. The wall reflect the video, and the mirror reflect the wall. The wall without any video or images on it. There is a specific angle, which will make the projectorjes setting angles become harder. The mirror will only reflect something bright. We can see that background will be clear than me, although I stand closer from the mirror. I believe this mirror is not a real made with glass, because it only reflects something with lights, and the reflection if not very clear. When the background of my side is as bright as the other side, I can barely see my reflection and the person who sands in the other side.

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