Uncommon Common Sense

We are never going to agree with one another.

Let’s face it, any attempt for us to all agree with each other is beyond futile. It’s impossible.

For anyone who thinks otherwise, I’m willing to bet I could give a compelling argument for why I say it can’t be done.

It’s not hard to see that people disagree with each other about a lot of things: politics, war, the justice system, religion, music, food, or even the weather sometimes.

I think a lot of conflict could potentially be avoided though if we would make an effort to come into agreement on issues that specifically deal with human rights.

I don’t think we ever will, because our opinions of what is wrong or right (our moral compasses so to speak) are legitimately unique so they are different from person to person.

I say legitimately unique because the underlying reasons as to why we have our personal opinions come from very real circumstances that we’ve been exposed to and have experienced in life.

For example, someone who grew up hungry their whole life may be apt to support motions made by a government official to assure that people don’t go hungry.

Regardless of what else the official may say or stand for, the central stance that the impoverished child who is now old enough to vote focuses on, is the politicians stance to end hunger because it is relative to them personally.

It’s a concept that resonates with them because they have endured the consequences of being hungry.

Someone who is a victim of rape, may be more likely to support abortion. Maybe not.

Regardless of what the victims religion tells them is right or wrong, or what they were raised to believe, the experience they’ve been through will weigh in heavily on their decision to be for or against it.

Our political state in America is also a really hot topic at the moment.

The enhanced media coverage, the riots, the protests… there is an obvious need for change, and it is held up by many valid concerns.

Racial equality, women speaking out, taxation policies, immigration laws… there are two sides to every story in life and we all make our own truths.

They are truths nonetheless.

People will not agree with each other, but their decisions to think a certain way come from real places inside of them.

It all comes back to our perspectives which are formed by what we actually experience in life.

Our opinions aren’t necessarily wrong from one person to the next… they are just different.

We can all be ignorant to facts and, because of that, we will NEVER be in agreement.

We come from different walks of life so we think differently. Our unique ideas of right and wrong on many topics will never align.

The only way to swallow this fact and progress is to accept it. Instead of focusing on the things we will never agree on why don’t we focus on the things we can agree on?

We might just discover that humanity still exists.

At the very basic level we are all people. We may not be on equal playing fields a lot of the times. Good people are often going to miss the upper hand. Good things will inevitably happen to bad people.

It happens everyday and it always has. Who ever promised us that this would change or that it was supposed to? Life isn’t fair.

We definitely do not all have similar experiences either. We can’t always empathize with each other.

We are all people and we are all different.

No one can argue that.

We are different and we see things differently.

Why do our differences offend each other?

We should ask that question, and we should ask it often.

It can help us to, if nothing else, raise awareness as to why some people believe, speak, and act differently than us.

When we realize the simple fact that maybe other people do things differently than us because they are different than us, it creates a better understanding for everyone.

It helps us to understand how what someone has been through affects their current views.

So at the VERY bottom of the barrel, we should all agree that we are people who are different from each other.

I don’t agree with many things that I see in the world. I don’t see eye to eye with many religions that are different than mine. I also have personal beliefs on certain topics that disagree with what the world says is ok.

What is wrong with that? If I’m not acting in a way that directly impacts someone else based on their beliefs, why should it matter if we have different views?

Why are we so adamant that our opinions are the only ones that should be considered?

How does my opinion negatively impact anyone else? Why should the opinion of anyone else negatively impact me?

It shouldn’t.

Right and wrong at a basic level is all we need in order to exist peacefully… just a set of rules that govern what we can agree on that is right or wrong.

If we can’t walk in someone else’s shoes or understand why they believe what they believe and are not interested in knowing why they believe it, then how can we judge them?

Why should we even be concerned with judging them? If they are SO different than us, then their choices in life in no way affect us. There’s no reason to be concerned.

So no matter where we stand on being pro or against same sex marriage, abortion, political protesting, and many other areas (everyone of these issues is a real concern, I’m in no way detracting their importance) does it really matter if we disagree? Give people their rights and let them be.

If we don’t agree with something, we don’t have to participate or associate, but we should not be able to make choices for other people.

Let humans raise awareness to what they are passionate about. Real issues that do exist. Keep violence out of the picture and we could minimize so many problems.

We all have basic rights that should be upheld. It’s uncommon common sense.