Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, 
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
One of the simple rhymes or poems I learnt in kindergarten. Popularly an egg, so we are made to believe, Humpty is never restored to former glory. So I wonder why such a fragile being would sit on a high place. Didn’t he have anyone warn him? Didn’t he know what would have happened if he was displaced, probably not. He was enjoying the pleasure he gained from such height, the breeze or the spectacular view. Then he got caught in the moment then, splat, on the ground. After he fell, the king sent his men to restore the poor fellow. Not only that, he also sent his horses but to no avail (from one of the numerous versions of the rhyme).
So you ask how relevant this is. We fell. You and I fell. We fell even harder. We were deceived by what we saw and decided to go for what would eventually bring our doom. Then our doom came. But our story doesn’t end like Humpty’s. We weren’t attended to by The King’s men, neither His horses. The King came to us by himself. He didn’t send any of his men on his behalf to attend to us in our time of woe. He knew he was the only panacea to our problem. He realized that if He didn’t make it to our side we would have been lost forever.
He doesn’t consider the fault in us, fortunately for us. He doesn’t see a means to punish us for our failure to heed his warning not to climb “the wall” in the first place. He always sees a “market of opportunity” in us. Just because of the love He has for us. It’s his nature. When Adam sinned He never asked “Adam, what have you done?” he asked for where he was. When Cain killed his brother, He never asked him what he-Cain-had done. Rather he asked of the whereabouts of his brother, Abel. He further went ahead to put a mark on Cain to prevent the retaliation of man on his life. In which trial on this earth will you have such a ruling on a “murderer”?
He has interest for our well-being not our chastisement, where we are not what we’ve done. So He can bring us back to Him.
When we agree we have fallen, the King has arrives. In actual fact, He had already arrived waiting for us to give Him the nod. Two clear cut choices we have; accept Him or not. Let him put the broken you together again. Let Him restore you not only to your former self but to a revamped being just like Him. And our story won’t end like Dumpty’s.
God is King!