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Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

It is not Facebook’s work to make anyone smarter or aware. Maybe people should just diversify their sources of information, maybe that’s just what it is. Same way, when I was a kid, we would watch multiple news channels and read multiple newspapers, that’s what we should still do.

I dislike FB and use it as little as possible, so, generally, I’m one of the first people to criticize it for the terrible things it does. But I think people should be blamed, too, because thrusting FB as a reliable, accountable and impartial source of news — even after knowing that everything in there is customized to fit users’ comfort zone — is not only naive, it is silly.

FB has a business model that, in my view, doesn’t fit that kind of impartiality — which isn’t to say that I agree with their business model at all, but clearly it’s the opinion of the investors, not mine, that matters more to Zuckerberg. It’s up to the user to follow news-pages they thrust. If the info they are giving you turns to be of poor quality, it’s up to the user to unfollow and look for a better source of news.

That being said, me and many other people I know that were following American election from outside the country — and outside of FB — were also believing in Hillary’s victory, but with tight margins. I guess, if the extreme optimism from her base was misplaced, still the result is kinda surprising in many ways.

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