“it’s me… and it’s all i have” this is what I say to me.

it is my mandate the words I stand by in a world the always ridicule you of who you are. This is my campaign for my generation, the one who seem weird, out of place considered misfits(not that hipster bulls***t). I am tired of being considered not enough or have not reached yet.

Now that I have ranted on a bit, let me introduce my self, my name is Leonardo De Silva I am a graphic designer who admire other creative fields, some may see me as the quiet kid in the corner as I like to be alone at times doing what I love most “my art” to the older folks though people like me are considered spoil, lazy or good for nothing to our society. I would like to say even though we have not gone through the physical hardship you went through that does not mean we are less important, is not that the reason our parents went through all that, so that we would not have to and that we can spend more time finding our path and reaching our goals. Further more we to do go through our own struggle even though it’s more on a mental scale in today's world. For too long the older generation has put on a pedestal the greats of times past ( and I respect them as well) but I ask what about the greats of today from the Steve Jobs to the Mark Zuckerbergs. What about to the young waitress who studies acting late in the night because she loves it.

So again I say “it’s me… and it’s all i have” this is what make me special, this is what make happy, this is what makes me GREAT!