How To Clean Your Mattress — Ultimate Guide

Each day, you spend at least six or seven hours on your mattress. It is without doubt that mattresses are on the receiving end of dead cells, seat, stains and other excretory products from our bodies. Have you ever thought about cleaning it? If you haven’t, you should start planning how to make it a friendlier environment for you.

Even though mattresses come with pads and linens to keep off dirt, it will be very helpful if you clean them once in a while. Currently, there are several steps on How to Clean Your Mattress;

Step 1 — Vacuum it

You should begin by removing the mattress cover. Once you have removed it, turn on the vacuum cleaner and pass it over the mattress. This step ensures that all the crumbs, pet hair, dust or any other dirt is removed.

Step 2 — deodorize it

Most people will not notice their own scent. However, with time, the sweat accumulated on the mattresses can produce a very funky aroma. To ensure that this ��familiar’ aroma is terminated, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and rub it in with a stiff brush. You might add in some essential oils to the baking soda in case you need to scent your mattress.

Step 3 — vacuum again

This should be done 10 minutes after scrubbing in the baking soda. Once you vacuum again, you will terminate any traces of dampness within the mattress. Furthermore, you wouldn’t like to wake up covered in white powder in the morning.

Step 4 — Time to erase the stains

There are three types of stains often found on the mattresses; urine, blood and body fluids. In case you don’t value your sleep too much, it is best to always clean fresh stains with cold water and soap. Otherwise, you should do the following.

Dried blood stains should be cleaned by using a mixture of 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of dish soap and table salt. Rub the mixture into the stain and once it dries, just scrape it off.

Urine stains are very tricky to terminate especially after they are dry. However, you can mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and two drops pf liquid soap dish into 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Pour the solution on the stain but be cautious not to drench your mattress. Then you should make a foam using the laundry detergent and rub it on the spot. Scrape it after 30 minutes and vacuum.

Other body fluids such as sweats should can be removed using concentrated unscented household ammonia. Ensure that you open your windows when doing this.

Step 5 — Flip the mattress

Mattresses should be flipped top-to-bottom and side-to-side on weekly basis for the first 3 months after purchase. It should then be flipped after every season i.e. winter, summer, spring and fall.

Step 6 — repeat

You should repeat the cleaning process after each flip.

Step 7 — Wrap the mattress up

After cleaning, wrap the mattress with a washable mattress cover. Ensure that the cover is made from waterproof fabric which will prevent fluids and dirt from penetrating into the mattress.


Your mattress is your sanctuary, ensure it is always clean at all time. This will prevent you from allergic related diseases. Also, if you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, try mixing paste of meat tenderizer with water when removing blood stains.