“My Reflection”

Fear of losing, fear of not getting what I have if I lose it, fear of the disability of not being durable, disgraced by the mind games, unappreciated by the way I care for her, 
My eyes filled with weakness when I look at her, I see myself when I look at her, 
The windows to her soul are wide open, I usually sneak in at night, 
It’s the loveliest place... 
I wanna sleep where she sleeps and connect to her soul, dream what she dreams.. 
Chasing her around the garden, with scent of her perfume clearing my path, 
I love... 
I can’t even get my sentence done, I’m loss for words 
I mean, all the songs I hear in the streets "if you like it then you should put a ring on it" 
I got her in the palm of my hands (will she jump off and disappear?) 
(I don’t wanna think about it) ... 
The fear that makes me love her more than yesterday, better than tomorrow... The fear that pushed me to pen down these words and hope that she reads em. 
Gold mines, she’d find in these lines.. 
Her aura so radiant, and I can’t ignore it... I got plans for her ⌚💍🌹

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