10 Secrets to Military Like Concentration

Military concentration can be as valuable is Gold. Not just in school or college but in every aspect of life. I made two inventions by age 16, got my PhD offered at age 17, won more than 10 national and international awards, traveled the world and learned 7 languages by age 18. 
Focussing on one thing was and is hard for me because I did and want to achieve a lot of things.
Here is how I got my military like concentration.

1. Eliminate Every Distraction
Snapchat. WhatsApp. Shut it off. Of course you want to stay up to date but not while you concentrate. Use your free time to reply to messages.

In order to save time, I don't shut all these app notifications off, I just leave my phone and laptop in a different room. 

In the time I work, I don't want to answer calls or reply to messages, I want to finish that one thing I am working on because it has importance to me. If it doesn't have any importance to you- don't do it!

2. Don't Drink Any Coffee
Why? Because you create useless stress by drinking coffee. It surely enhances your mental abilities for a while but costs time to brew, makes your heart go faster, and let's most people sh**. I don't want to hustle, I want to bring quality and work as efficiently as possible. 

3. Find Someone Who Is Like You
Hang out with people who are the same as you. Of course other thoughts, values and believes will get you more open-minded but that should not always be what you want, that’s for your free time. What you want right now is to focus on your one goal.

4. Learn From Someone Who Is More Focussed Than You
It might be hard to find such a person but it if you find someone, it will soon pay off. Don't use people but think about it this way: as soon as you are more focussed than the person you collaborate with, look for a person who is even more focussed.
I used this strategy when I had to learn fluent Chinese in less than three months. A later good friend of mind had the most insane focus a human could ever have. You could throw something at her and she would not look up. You might think that this is a bit too much of a focus but who does it hurt when you are focused like that? The only thing it does is bringing you faster to your goal. 

5. Make Plans for Everything
You would never build a rocket without a plan but don't use plans for your life? Your life should be more important to you. You only have one life. Use it. To make everything go smoother, make plans.

6. Schedule Your Day
Every day needs fixed points. When do you want to eat? When will you sleep? When will you meet your friends? 
I schedule my day every evening down to the minute. That takes me 10 minutes every night to do and gives me the opportunity the next day to get done what I want to get done. 
You can chose between doing this or not achieving what you want - it's that simple.

If you schedule your day, you have a clear idea at which point of your plan you are at and what you still have to do in order to reach your goal. 

7. Work Out
You don't want to have any negative feelings while you focus. I lift weights every day then go back home and work on what I want to work. I think working out is a blessing rather than a tough deal. The more I work out, the more I can focus on things that really matter. 

8. Take Breaks
No one can focus for 8 hours in a row without a break. Strategies such as the prodomo tactic can help you achieving that. Don't feel ashamed for taking breaks. In the end you want a good result and not a tired mind. Really use your breaks to relax and do something that you enjoy and that does good for your body. 

9. Eat No Sugar
I eat no extra sugar. Seriously. I started doing that one year ago when I arrived in Beijing, China.
Chinese people don’t like sweet products. They rather like fat and salty. That might not be the best combination either but it will definitely help you stay focussed longer. Sugar doesn't bring any useful energy. Eat well, sleep well and stop consuming sugar products.

10. Stop Reading This Article
Go back to your desk right now and do want you always wanted to do. Use the advice I gave you in the above and execute.

Thanks for reading!

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