How To Push Yourself Beyond Every Limit

Hustle is stupid. Quality is not. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are full of hustlers who work every minute of their life and have to share it with their followers. I admit that I have a lot of respect for these people who suffer for the game but from my own experience I can tell that you don't need to suffer to achieve more than the others or to achieve what you always wanted to achieve.

There is a misperception around the term ‘hustle’. It is about delivering quality not about doing a lot with medium quality. If you love what you do, it is not about hustle but about executing what you love. If you feel the hustle and it stresses you beyond every limit instead of pushing you beyond every limit, you are in the wrong branch of business.

Find out about your strengths by figuring out what you can do for a long time and still have fun doing it. 

Many people told me early in my life that I should look for challenge. I like challenge but I don't want it to be a challenge all my life. When I achieve success, I want to have the time to celebrate it.
I got offered my PhD at age 17 but refused because it is not the next step in my plan. It would not be fun to do it and if I would've wasted years that I could have spent to do something I like. Spending the time with what you like is not a mistake, it is a sign that you are about to get successful. Of course all day long watching TV or eating cheeseburgers will not likely get you famous, so consider trying out as many things as possible. Watching TV and eating cheeseburgers are not the only things that will be fun for you on this earth. 

When you find your passion, give me an email! I want to know about what it is and how you found it.

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