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One reason surplus value exists is because the entrepreneur takes the risk. In the butcher I work in, the owner, bought the stores and the equipment and spends all the money. I get paid my wage whether or not we turn a profit. Entrepeneurs have to take out loans, sell property and other such measures, and if they don’t turn a profit they don’t get paid. Starting a business isn’t easy. You have to finance it, buy the equipment, advertise, comply with the endless regulations. I just turn up and get paid. These days the cost of an employee isn’t just their wages. For example, I get free lunch, holiday pay, there is maternity pay for the women, compliance, possibly legal costs. In other cases there are taxes and medical insurance for the employees. The endless government regulation lowers wages, as the cost of benefits and compliance goes up. It is the entrepreneur who took the risk and improved the lot of the customers and the employees. Bill Gates is billionaire. Microsoft makes lives easier for billions and has employed, providing a living for over a hundred thousand people.

The employer and employee relationship is consensual. It is wrong to impose you own standards of morality on other people. You may think it unfair, but that does not give you or anyone else the authority to legislate your morality. It is the equivalent to legislation against same sex marriage. A person ought to be permitted to not serve a same sex marriage the same as someone should be allowed to boycott a company whose practises one disagrees with. You care about surplus value, the same as others care about affirmative action and the percentage of executives who are female, care all you want, just don’t force me to care and I won’t force you to care about same sex marrige. (I don’t care about same sex marrige, but I couldn’t think of an example.) That is the beauty of a free society, we don’t impose our moral compass on others, we use persuasion, not coercion. Write about coops, start an organisation for better pay for workers, but don’t use force.