The Rich Always Come Up With a Ridiculous Story to Justify Their Wealth
Nick Cassella

People who have become rich through legal means have done so by creating goods and services for others. Would you rather that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs had never got rich. We would have more income equality but no Microsoft, Amazon or Apple. Rich people don’t owe an apology or charity to anyone. However, what about the leftists that constantly moan about the capitalist system and income inequality, but are super wealthy. Why does Bernie Sanders need three houses? Why does Adele who is a Labour (socialist) Party supporter need over £100 million? Why does Obama need to live in a mansion? Do you have a TV or a computer? You could have given the money and saved a child’s life in Africa if you spent less on your own accumulation of property. Clearly by your own standard you are incredibly “selfish”. The reason all these people keep their money while they try to take away other peoples’ wealth is because it is very easy to tell other people to give more, but much harder to do so yourself. A parking ticket ruins your day, hearing about Syrian children being gassed doesn’t. We care more about ourselves and those who matter to us than people across the world. Accept reality and focus on bettering yourself, instead of trying to control others.