The True Political Spectrum

“Some things are believed because they are demonstrably true, but many other things are believed simply because they have been asserted repeatedly.” — Thomas Sowell

The normal political spectrum

Nazism on the right and communism on the left is the basis of the generally accepted political spectrum. However, this political spectrum makes no sense. Are we expected to believe that Rand Paul or Ted Cruz is on the brink of becoming a Nazi? Conservatism and Libertarianism share absolutely nothing in common with Nazism. On the other hand communism and socialism are almost identical to Nazism. The Nazi party’s actual name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Under Nazi rule there was neither economic nor political freedom, just like socialism and communism. The was a colossal central government, high taxes and a huge welfare state in Nazi Germany, as well as leftist measures such as gun control. The liberty of the individual was sacrificed to serve the collective. If you swap “the top 1%” for “the Jews”, Bernie Sanders starts to sound an awful lot like Hitler. Fascism and Nazism belong firmly on the left, together with the other “utopian-statist” ideologies. They all violate liberty, as they impose on the individual the plans of the “mastermind” or group of “masterminds”and are always excused as being compassionate, fair or for the good of society.

This model too is inaccurate

This second spectrum is also flawed. It suggests that capitalism can be authoritarian and that socialism can be free. It makes the mistake of implying that it is possible to have political and individual freedom in the absence of economic freedom. The only way in which socialism can be free is if it is voluntary, such as a Kibbutz, in which case in reality it’s free market capitalism. Meanwhile, capitalism cannot exist without political and individual freedom. While an authoritarian government may allow people to keep their private property, it isn’t capitalism if the government has the authority to take it away whenever it wishes. Sovereignty over one’s own life, liberty and labor are prerequisites to capitalism and the ability to pursue property. Complete control and an iron fist are necessary for to impose socialism. Authority and capitalism are mutually exclusive, as are liberty and socialism.

The real spectrum

This is the true spectrum. The small window is the target zone. If there is not enough government, tyranny emerges, like The Walking Dead, but without the dead people. Governments are necessary to secure people’s unalienable rights. However, a government that is too powerful or not well restrained, will eventually become despotic. Government must be kept to the right, in that target zone. It must be limited and its Constitution must be upheld no matter what, because once the Constitution is breached, the government becomes a weapon. It can be wielded to plunder, to attack and to carry out a utopian vision. Whoever possesses the weapon will always strengthen it, until enough virtue exists in the people that they destroy it. The Democratic Party and to some extent the mainstream wing of the Republican party have moved the federal government significantly more to the left. Under the Obama administration, the federal government has been used as a weapon. The IRS was used against Tea Party groups, the Justice Department was wielded against Dinesh D’Souza and used to protect Hillary Clinton. A Trump presidency can be seen as using the government instead of choosing to limit the government and return it to its rightful role.

It is our duty to take back control of our government and to rebuild the Constitutional wall better than before. If we fail in this task, this “soft tyranny” will grow into something a lot more ugly and terrible. The solution lies in the Constitution, in article five. It is time to call a Convention of States.