10 Takeaways from the Ninth Circuit
Dave Pell

  1. There is a threat. Aliens from these countries have committed terrorist attacks in other countries. Children of aliens from these countries have committed attacks. These countries have no stable governments making it impossible to vet people. The populations of these countries overwhelmingly hold anti-American sentiments and anti-freedom views and are islamists.
  2. This is the thing that the left says all the time whenever you try to stop muslim immigration or investigate radical islam or bomb ISIS. “It’s playing into their hands. That’s exactly what they want us to do.” Appeasement is the road to war. Look at Europe it is overrun by radical Islam, because people are too politically correct to speak out.
  3. As Trump’s tweets go, that one was pretty good.
  4. We do need a wall. The country has no effective Southern border. Illegal immigration brings drugs, violent criminals and is a huge cost to the taxpayer. A wall make border security significantly easier.
  5. The executive order is perfectly lawful. Congress has given the president authority to ban any person or class of people from entry.
  6. Not realistically. Some tweets are stupid, but radical Islam is a much bigger issue.
  7. Ok
  8. Whatever you think of her decision, she refused to do her job and was rightly fired.
  9. We live in a judicial tyranny where the activist courts have no interest in applying the law, but base their decisions on political outcomes.
  10. That was a good decision.
  11. That didn’t stop him from repeatedly violating the Constitution.