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You want to abolish authority, yet you think that because Richard Spencer is a white supremacist, you have the authority to harm him. He has not attacked anyone, not has he threatened to. Attacking someone for their beliefs, makes you a brownshirt.

If there is no law, there is nothing to prevent people from acquiring authority. It is what happens in places like Somalia as well as in the West with gang wars. Slavery was ubiquitous for thousands of years.

The law should be negative, it should only stop people from violating others liberty.

Government is a necessary evil. The more civilised a people becomes the less government is necessary.

The relationship between employer and employee is consensual. They are not dictators because you can quit. If you don’t like the terms of your employment, you can either ask for them to be changed, strike or quit. No one forces entrepreneurs take a risk. They do it because they believe that the reward is worth the risk. That is a free choice as well.

My “boss” doesn’t have authority over me. I am not opressed. He is not my dictator. I voluntarily trade my labour, for money. If I no longer want to do so I can quit.

In your Utopia, what would happen if people started to trade their labour for money? What would you personally do?