Women Need to Date Carpenters Like Men Date Yoga Instructors
Heidi K. Isern

The height thing is the big one. My friend Carter came to town to work on a project last year. He hung out while I had a piano student and she came in with her boyfriend, very tall guy. And after they left he said “I’ve never been in an area where every single woman is with a tall man. Even if the guy is a dope. that guy was very tall but he was a dope had no vibe.”

C lives in New York and its true, in NYC even its not this radicalist trip about a man’s height. But here, San Francisco used to be the least superficial place. It was not a place where people would even use a term “date down” it was a place where people were people doing different things.

The paying for dates thing though, I’m less easily convinced of that, in the short term. I think its good for people who are in early dates to do cheap things, and get to know each other. How much does it need to cost.

Lastly, most folks who work in the corp and tech world are busy. They aren’t available to hang. They come home late at night and hang with the kids for an hour before going back on the phone till late. The kids are in seven extracurriculars and are exhausted. They are training a savage generation.

I don’t see how the Bay Area can even think it is able to ‘resist Trump” etc when this whole culture is one of self service, and ego.

I like the article. Not sure anyone’s listening but it was gr8

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