The judiciary is undermining democracy? Don’t be ridiculous.

Has anything other than the Referendum brought more of the idiots out than the High Court ruling on Article 50?

I often despair at the state of debate in Britain today. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Question Time you’ll know what I’m talking about. The people who agreed at the panellists, shouting “We pay you! You serve us!”, spout some factually incorrect nonsense and then boo the panellists for giving them the facts. There was a bloke sat on the front row this week who completely embodied this. The one who shouted “Democracy exists in name only”.

He clearly rocked up to the show having not checked what the court case was about, never mind understanding the ruling so for those who are lacking the understanding, I’ll briefly explain it.

In short, the case was brought by someone who thinks the Legislature – not the Executive – should be the ones to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start the process of leaving the EU. Three Judges who know more about our Constitution than most people agreed based on British Law and ruled that way. Simple really, isn’t it?

Well, in our age of post-truth politics, apparently not. Apparently the Judiciary have overturned the will of 17.5 million people (there abouts) and are now – as the Daily Mail with their usual subtlety put it – the “enemies of the people”. There’s one large problem with this narrative though. It’s simply not true.

The Judiciary have handed control to the Legislature. That is all. They have not ruled that Brexit will not happen. Not at all. You can argue over the rights and wrongs of that decision until the cows come home but it will not change that irrefutable fact. Reserve your ire – if you must have ire – for the politicians. Put the spotlight on them and see what they decide to do.

If our level of national debate continues on this downward slope, egged on by irresponsible journalism, then I believe the future of our country will be a very depressing place to live in. A place where facts are booed is a very worrying place indeed.