If You Think You How A “Real Woman” Wanna Be Loved!

Dont get me wrong, I’m just trying to clear the air here a little bit And Be Real!

Most men misunderstand or may I say put every woman in the same category. When they meet a woman, they’ll approach her with, “hey bitch, or hi baby, or the famous one nowadays, hey bae.”

Most women will of course fall for that cause she thinks the guy likes her and it’s cute to hear.

Most men think every woman loves being called that way. A real woman however, will automatically ignore you. She doesn’t have the guts to even look at your face. To her, you’ve insulted her by calling her those. She has self respect. She has self dignity. She has pride. She is not some woman on the street, you’ll find walking looking for the next man who’ll admire her with words and names.

A real woman knows what she wants and it’s not the man on the street screaming hey baby she’s after. She’s waiting on God. She’s waiting on God to guide her to that real man who is for her. A real man will not meet a woman and approach her with hey baby. He’ll approach her in an appropriate manner. That’s because he also respects himself and the woman he is pursuing who he knows is like minded as him.

A real man knows what a woman needs. Its not what most men think; Sex, material things or money. She can provide for herself. And she is not a whore where she will be sleeping with any and every man she meets. A real woman has goals. To her, it’s one man and one alone. Thats why she waits. A real man as well does same.

Excuse my language but I just wanna be real. Just a few points to consider, between a real woman vs. an everyday woman.

Every woman should respect herself to attract respectful men. I don’t wanna be biased and leave the others out feeling eery. We are all women and we should look out for each other. But it starts with YOU! DON’T LET A MAN DEMEAN YOU! Its an insult when a man calls you a bitch. And refers to you as baby, boo, babe when you are not in an intimate relationship. Its an insult ladies. Respect yourselves.

Every man deserves a woman who is his equal as well. But to get that, you have to approach her in an appropriate manner. If you approach her calling her bitch, baby, babe, boo, bae, etc. you already automatically demeaned her. She is as if you own her. She is supposed to be your equal, partner, friend, not slave, possession. Respect yourself and the woman you pursuing. And whatever goal you want to achieve with her, let it be friendship, relationship, etc. will be like a flowing river. There’ll be no blockages you won’t be able to beat together.

I hope this will help every one but to clarify, here’s the song that inspired this write:

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