Madly In Love With You 2

Hello girls. Looking fabulous as always. Leona just left to the bathroom as you can see. 
Yeah Chris. We saw her as we were stepping in. How's your girlfriend Jessica? 
She's doing great Keisha. She asked of you yesterday. You know we live in the same flat.
Yeah. Aww, how nice of her. Well, we here to study.

OMG Chris! Guess who bumped into Keisha half an hour ago? 
Gina please! We didn’t come here for that! That’s old now 
No, no no. Let her tell me. Who G?
Jamal Brown. The best student in the department. 
Really? That’s just her first runner up mate. 
Exactly! Tell her Chris. Oh hello Leona! Whats happening girl?
Nothing much Keisha. Lol, I heard you were late for cross cultural this morning. Girl, I don’t know you like that. What’s going on?
Where’d you hear that from?
Rumors around campus girl.

Ooh this is bad. That whole class went ahead to spread it out. 
Gina, did you rumor this? 
Hell no girl. I was with you the whole time. How can I?
Keisha, you have to remember you are the 2nd best student after Jamal Brown. Ooh, that boy fine....... chocolate brown skin, light blue eyes, perfect body...... ooh, he’s to die for. On top of that, he got them brains honey!..... wait. Where was I at? Oh, like I was saying, you the 2nd best student Keisha. Whatever you do, counts honey.

Um, thanks for that small sexual discription of "him" but never may it repeat itself again. OK? And don’t you think I know that everything I do counts? I didn’t just expect that to go beyond class. Well, I guess people got big mouths. 
OK. I heard. I’m sorry Keisha. Can we study now?

Better! Ooh, you girls are just something. 
Sorry Chris but sometimes you just have to clear the air before engaging into something serious. You know what I mean? 
Yes Keisha! Totally understand you.

So, today we studying for the test we have in a month’s time in Social Psychology. We taking it on Prejudice. So, Chapter 9 of the book 
Oh yes. I’ve been reading and it says prejudice is a preconceived negative judgement of a group and it’s individual members. 
Exactly girl and if you go further, they are many types like discrimination, racial prejudice, Gender prejudice, Automatic prejudice, etc. The list goes on and on.

Yes mami. And we don’t have to define that right? We all know what each of those types mean.
Yes Leona. We dont girl. But on the test you’ll have to. Well, to master all this, I’ve been taking quizzes on quizlets as always. Hopefully it helps y’all 
Helps a big deal baby girl. 
Glad it does Chris. 
Alright. Since this was just going over, I’ll meet you guys next week for the other subject yeah?
Yes mami. 
Leona, please stop calling me that. You make me feel old. 
Lol. Keisha, it’s just same as you call someone baby.
No. Mami is like mama. 
OK! OK. I’ll stop honey. 
Better. See you around guys.

Leaving the study and entering into a cold breeze. Ah, the Smell of roses. I enjoy nature so much so sometimes when time allows me, I go to beaches and Parks and anywhere I’ll see natural beauty. As I head to my flat, I reminisce my days with my parents. I miss them. I haven’t been home for 2months now it’s killing me. But I’m extremely busy, I can’t think of home right now.

Hmmmmm! Someone looks drifted away from here. 
As I hear a voice from behind, I turn around to see who it is. Oh, it’s you. The guy that bumped me earlier. 
Yeah. We didn’t formerly introduce ourselves. I’m Jamal 
As in Jamal Brown?
Ah! My first runner up mate,then you are Keisha Daniels. My 2nd runner up mate.
Yap. Right. 
Talking of big brains and pressure, how does it feel?
Exactly how described 
Our 3rd runner up mate, Chris Mathews, is just a cool one you know? He’s just laid back. 
Yeah, he’s my closest friend.
Really? Never knew.
Well, discovery is part of life.
Hmmm! True. So what you thinking of doing after you graduate? Like becoming?
A Counseling Psychologist. You? 
Beautiful. I wanna be an Industrial/Organization Psychologist. 
Ah! Interesting. 
Yes. I gotta go. Hate to leave you but Um, can I have your number? You know, so we could keep contact? 
Um, I don’t usually give out my number on the first meet like that but I’ll write it out for you. 
Thank you for the exception. I greatly appreciate it.
You welcome. Here. 
Thanks again. See you around. 
Yeah. For sure

I head down to my flat as the day draws to a close. I go over my notes and study for a little while only to have a knock on my door. My roommate, Teresa, is gone for 2weeks. So, I don’t know who this might be. As I open the door, it’s Leona.

Hey girl. Didn’t expect me did ya?
No. I was just about to wrap things up and head to bed.
Oh I’m sorry, but can I sleep here tonight? 
Why? What happened to you and Felicio’s flat? 
Felicio is just acting weird tonight girl. 
Is he beating you up again Leona?Oh Jesus! What are these scars on your neck?
Its nothing Keisha. Can I just sleep here tonight? 
Please do. You can take Teresa’s room. Don’t just mess it up. She hates disorganization. 
Thanks Keisha. I owe you one. 
No problem.

Going to bed got me thinking. My friend is in a domestic violence relationship. I must do something. As I go to sleep, I got a plan building. Felicio ain’t going free this time.

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