New Book

Hello everyone. I know its been awhile since I have written something on here. I just have been experiencing writer’s block lately. We all do right?

Anyway, I just want to Make a quick announcement. I have a new book in the making. Yay! It is great right? Yes it is. I’m happy about it. Not only is my writing spirit back but I’m back! New year, new me! Yeah?

So! About this book….. What is it about and where can you find it are questions you May ask. Hold on there! I know its exciting but I got you☺

Y’all like FanFictions? If so, this is what this book is about. Ever heard of the artist August Alsina? Its about him too.

Alright! Let me break this down some more. This book is based on Alsina’s new song, “Wait”. Ever heard of that? Love it? I do😍 I’ll be working with someone on it.

OK. Now that I have explained the book, I hope you all will be willing to read it. If you’ve heard the song, you should have an idea🤔 what the book will be about. If not, my book can be found on wattpad. For those that have it, swing on there and read. 😉The title is Wait by KaylaMarie_JIL. Hope you guys enjoy the book and please don’t forget to vote and comment. We will be updating as we go.

Here is a snippet from the first chapter, the prologue:


I was pacing back and forth. Audrey has been asking me when am I gonna pop the question. To be honest, I love Audrey, I really do, but I'm not just ready.

"I'm not getting any younger Jon" she said pacing.

"I kno' baybeh." "Fuck."

I hate being in this situation. What do I tell her?

"Baybeh, I love you, I really​ do, but you see, I'm not ready for 'that' yet baybeh".

"What do you mean you not ready Hakeem? We've been together for three years! A good three years Keem!" She said sobbing.

I hate seeing my baby crying. I swear I do. I think I just gotta let her go. Like they say, if it is for you, it will come back to you.

"Baby, I wish I can change it but I can't." "I really love you." "I really hoped you will wait for me" I told her looking in her eyes.

"For how long Keem?"

"I don't kno' "

I seriously hope she will wait for me until I'm ready. But it looks like she is not willing.

"I can't." "I'm not getting any younger Jonah." "Its been three years." She said looking up at me.

"I understand baybeh". "If you can't wait any longa'. " I said looking away with tears streaming down my face.

This shit was hard to do. This woman was my everything.

"If you can't wait any longa', baybeh, I hate tahh do this, but you are free tahh go." "Just kno' I love you so much."

"You letting me go, Hakeem?" She asked looking up


"I'll always love you, Hakeem"

"Me too, Kayla. Can I have one mo' time wit' you?"

"Yes, baby."

I took her to our room and we made love for the last time. The next morning, I didn't see her. There was a note on the night stand. It reads,

Hey baby,
Thank you for last night. I will never forget that. I had to leave before you wake up. I didn't wanna be there when you wake up. I didn't wanna make it harder than it is already. I hate that we had to break up like this. But baby I'll always love you. Stay blessed and please keep our memories alive. 
Love you always,

I finished reading it and placed it back on the stand as tears flowed down my cheeks. I will forever miss my Kay. How I wish it was different.

To know more, head on to wattpad. I have a full description of the book there. People that will be in the book is up too, along with chapter one. Currently working on chapter 2.

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