Reminiscing “So Far”

When you think about your life, what you have done, where you have been, how you made it through the years, and even how you making it “so far”, you think and wonder, “wow, how did I make it?”

Maybe for some, it was a hard journey to “now”. You had to scratch your head and work extra hard to get where you are. And it certainly paid off. Success was your salary. Which was the reason for the sweat on the onset.

Maybe for some, you are still on your hard journey to success. But keep in mind, “nothing that is worked for goes for nothing. You will be rewarded”. Success will be your portion as well. Just give it time. But as you reminisce, you can notice, although you are not there yet, you have accomplished some things in life in the other areas of your life. That’s quite rewarding. You will then end up asking yourself “how did I get to where I am?”

As we sit and reminisce and ask ourselves, “how did I get to where I am, or how did I make it?” Let’s not forget we still have a long way to go and a whole lot more to accomplish. For as long as we living, there’s no stopping how high we can go.

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