How does it feel to be ghosted
Jessica Semaan

I can appreciate the humor in this post, as I attempt to look back on all of my broken relationships with a sense of humor. If what you’re describing is ghosting, than maybe what happened to me was poltergeisting. I had what I thought was a deep and meaningful relationship with someone I was dating exclusively for about nine months. The kind of person I could tell my secrets to and who showed up for me when I needed him physically or emotionally. We lived a couple of hours apart, but we talked on the phone every day just to check in and hear each other’s voice.

One day he called me clearly distraught but said he didn’t want to talk about it and he would see me over the weekend. As I said, he lived two hours away. When I called to tell him I was on my way, I got no reply. When I called to tell him I had arrived, I got no reply. Then I called and called like a crazy woman until he sent my calls straight to voicemail. And our relationship was over just like that with no explanation.

Nine months. A year later I discovered his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child and he didn’t know how to tell me, so he just disappeared instead. Ghosting is a cruel and cowardly practice. No matter what the circumstances, we all deserve better than that.

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