I Failed at Buying Shoes That Fit
Nicole Dieker

I shop for a living and I buy most of my shoes online. Zappos and Amazon are great (if you have Prime) because you can send shoes back free of charge. I usually buy about 4 or 5 selections and send back the ones I don’t like or don’t fit. Occasionally I will try on shoes in a store, make sure they fit comfortably and then search for the best price online. Good, comfortable walking shoes cost $$, but they are worth the investment. I bought a pair of Born clogs I still hate the look of, but they’ve held up over 4 years and I can still walk in them all day. I just picked up a pair of Rieker’s at a DSW for about 30% off the price I could find anywhere else online. And Sofft brand shoes make the only attractive heels I can wear on special occasions without hobbling around on the verge of tears by the end of the night.

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