Don’t let juniors commit bad code.
Eric Elliott

Definitely. I think let bad code pass through code review is not good at all. I think it is easy to guide and mentor junior devs as they are more open for suggestions.

Sometimes guide mid-level developers can be a bit challenging as they have had some experience but sometimes not enough to see the long term consequences.

You didn’t mention in your article. In my opinion it is important to not over teach junior devs. This is why I am asking if in your opinion it is valuable to let junior devs come with with some kind of solution rather than senior devs provide the answers for free.

The biggest challenge is to give devs the motivation to search for answers rather than wait for miracle.

A last think: lots of devs those days copy and paste code from stackoverflow without understand what the code does. We are trying to make devs think about “why” rather than just make it work for now.

Thanks for the response!


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