React Native can be configured to automatically re-render the current view in the iPhone Simulator without rebuilding the Xcode project. This is huge because not only do you save time by not rebuilding, but you could be working on a view that is nested deep within the app and tweak the UI without having to navigate all the way back to that screen
An iOS Developer on React Native
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Great article. I have the same feeling of being comfortable with React + Redux on WEB and similar frustrations moving to react-native. Obviously I bring across my extensive Javascript experience. Regarding to live reloading, it works well as long as your app re-hydrates any state. We use redux-persist for that with some custom DEV logic in order to navigate to the right Screen once data has been restored. What I have given up in native and web is hot module replacement (HMR). It works for “hello world” but not in serious apps. Android is the new IE7: Events can be different such as “keyboardWillShow|Hide”. I am still pretty new to react-native but the overall experience has been slightly positive and things getting better overtime.