By whose rules do you play?

On fighting “the evil” vs living the change

Devil’s Playground in the Death Valley by Leonard Odlozilik

Money. Power. Fame.
It’s all only a game.

Some people don’t realize that, yet others do.
Whether you’re aware or not, you play your part too.

Some play by the rules.
Some make the rules.

Some use holes in the rules for their own gain.
Yet some fully aware of them choose not to play.

I chose the latter.

Let’s say you’re not exactly happy with the current state of the society. Imagine for a second you want to get rid of the current money-based economy and government systems. How would you do it?

Would you fight them by hacking and destroying the financial institutions as the TV series Mr. Robot suggests?

Or would you organize protests, make riots, bring violence and destruction to the streets as happened in the city of Hamburg during G20 summit recently (in July 2017)?

None of these is a good idea! For several reasons.

These attempts to directly fight “the evil” are doomed to fail. The government systems have reached their complexity with the purpose of protecting themselves from these minor inconveniences. They have developed with this particular purpose over the past thousands of years.

What makes you think you can beat them with their own weapons? And how would you be any different even if you could somehow pull it off?

Father more these plans have one fundamental flaw. By destructing current system, you would bring many people to misery. Not only those who are exploiting the system for their own gain, but all of those who are dependent on the system.

Most people are not ready to take care of themselves. They have no idea how to do it. They don’t even consider it an option. They don’t believe it’s possible or they even consider it a step back, “on the trees”.

So what can we do?

We can explore alternatives and show they work. Share the knowledge and inspire others. Show that the competition is not the only viable incentive of progress. Show how real cooperation works.

We can make our own rules and play our own game.

By whose rules do you play?