My money isn’t on the ideas, it’s on the execution.”
Elon Musk’s gamble on transparency is totally paying off
Nandini Jammi

Has Musk Revealed His Plans 10 Years Ago as “a Gamble on Transparency”?

What if he was just sharing his sincere vision?

(Because I have a different perception of the reality.)

Maybe his message is completely different. “Making money is not a priority for me. The priority is to change the world, to make it a better place.” To bring real value. I believe Musk is thinking, how to make the change happen. Not, how to make more money. Giving everybody permission to use Tesla’s patents is a very logical step supporting his original goal.

The money is a tool, not a goal. That’s why he does what he does and the way he does it. He has not made his plan published as a calculated gesture getting him more profit. He did it, because he thought people should be getting ready for what is coming. Not because his company will one day sell electric cars, but because it’s a good thing for the future of mankind and Earth.

The thing is, even if everybody else would start working on electric cars 10 years ago and Tesla would never make it, he could and I tend to believe he would call it a success.