What’s Your Type? Or the Wackiest Party Ever.
Sherry Caris

Not invited to the party

Thursday, beautiful sunny afternoon. While passing by my favorite restaurant I noticed a sign.

I have never heard of such thing. I’m curious. What would it be like? I think I’m INTP. I’ve got to check it out. The doorman handed me a tablet, I need to take a test before I enter. Passed.

I headed straight to the bar, ordered a beer and took my time for observing the place. There was surprisingly a lot of people considering how quiet the place was. I could tell why. Most of the people engaged in one on one conversations. Nobody interrupted each other. Nobody needed to raise a voice while arguing. Actually, they were not arguing but exchanging opinions. Even if they were strongly contradictory, nobody did get offended. New are ideas were discussed. New conclusions were proposed.

Finally, I turned towards a guy sitting on a bar only two chairs away from me. I did notice him come in about ten minutes ago. However, I was too busy with my thoughts to pay attention to him at the time.

“How are you doing man, how did you end up here?”

“I was just passing by and curious, what’s this about.”

“Oh, the same story as me. What do you think about this personality typology thing? I mean does it give any real insight? Half of the questions I was not sure how to answer. I was tempted to use option ‘uncertain’ so many times.”

“Hmm, I wonder what would happen if you check it for all the questions… Let’s try it.” — he said, while already opening the website on his phone.

this is what happens if you answer all questions “uncertain”

“All right, so that’s how they do it. I wonder why you get 1% and not 0% preference, which would be correct.” He thought out loud.

“I think they did not want to invent 17th personality type, for jerks like us.”

“Makes sense.”

“You know what? This is such ridiculously simple concept. We could invent our own personality test in the next hour if we want to.”


“Why not? Just imagine questions like: If a random guy at the bar calls you a loser, will you pretend you did not hear him or will you kick his ass? That would be for Pacific vs Aggressive.”

“Wow, that could be fun, let’s give it a try!”

This is why I never go out without my backpack I thought, while taking out the pen and notepad to start taking notes.

“The question is, do we start with defining personality traits we want to determine or do we start with questions which will be fun?”

“Either can work. We can try both. But we will also need some description for our new personality types”.

“You can always make up something. The real question is: Should our test also cover 16 personality types? What if we make 5 pairs of traits? That would be 25 personality types.”

“Too much work. I think we should maybe start with 3 pairs of traits and 9 personality types. That would be 3 times 16 questions?”

“Why 16? Oh, you mean because there were 64 questions in the Myers-Briggs test we took? We can start with less, maybe 4 question for each pair of traits.“

“So what traits do we choose? Maybe there is some list of all possible traits online. We should check it.”

“Already searching for ‘personality traits generator’. We can start with some random… Ups. There is a link to 1,000 NPC Traits lists. I would not guess there is so many of them.”

1 hour and 2 beers later

“Damn, we are down to 42 traits. That is still way too many! Maybe we should start with questions.”

“OK. Let’s see, what do we have? Question number 2?”

3 hours and a few beers later

“We are not getting anywhere. What if we make a personality tests generator? And crowdsource creating the questions.”

“What if we don’t ask questions, but use whatever you write on your social networks to determine your personality profile.”

“That’s what google and facebook do to target ads. I hate that, you know, all the advertisement. It’s such a paradox that two of most valued companies are making money selling stupid ads.”

Of course, we did not finish the design of new fun personality test. We couldn’t focus on the task at hand. There were so many things to consider and options to explore.

On my way home I looked once more at the sign.

Gosh, have I been daydreaming again?

Some people like stories. Some people like to write them. I like to live them.

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