The Story of One Happy Free Range Rabbit

The little beast moved in his new villa a few days ago.

Resting in the courtyard. His new mansion in the background.

After the initial inspection of the house, he seems to be quite happy.

It was a bit tricky to move it to its place, but with the help of temporary wheels, it did not require more than two hands.

On the back side of his house is a small balcony, steps and …

… and small sliding doors.

But let me tell you how it all began.

Once upon a time in a small village in Fichtel Mountains lived a white rabbit. At night he was closed in the cage and during the day in a small fenced area.

The most fun thing he could do was to climb the mountain and watch the surroundings.

When I paid him a visit he was like “Men! Let me out!”

And so one day, after I gave it a good thought, I gave it a try. And he started to enjoy feeding on the grass whenever and wherever he liked.

Running around.

Being curious and exploring.

And when he gets tired he likes to lie in the shadows and keep me a company while I work.

No matter if it’s quiet while I’m plastering.

Or noisy when I use the table saw, drill or other power tools.

He likes the smell and feeling of freshly cut wood.

This is a story of one happy free range rabbit.

He gets locked in only for the night (to keep him safe from predators) or when no one is around. (He tends to run on the street searching for someone)