You Can’t Earn My Respect You Can Only Lose It

Thoughts on respect and how do I approach equality

When I meet you for the first time, you have 100% of my respect.

Respect, some people demand it only to be laughed at. Some people don't care about it but naturally, have it.

There are different kinds of respect based on the ways how it's earned.

Institutional one. You have a respect because somebody was given an authority and people are said to obey it. Parent, teacher, judge, police.

Forced respect, somebody makes you pay attention while otherwise, he will hurt you physically or mentally. All kinds of assholes.

Respect based on achievements. Education, medals of honor, fame. People tend to put others on pedestals and iconize them.

Respect based on your deeds, you earn respect by being useful, helpful, creative.

Respect based on your attitude. You are a warm human being, ready to help anyone in need, spreading good mood and happiness.

What if I don't care if you studied at two universities? What if I am not impressed by given authorities? What if I despise assholes and their manipulative tactics? What if I am trying to listen to and treat all kinds of people equally?

How can you earn my respect then?

You can't. Cause I see it the other way around.

When I meet you for the first time, you have 100% of my respect. I don't care if you have the newest model of iPhone or Ferrari if you have studied at Harvard or not at all. I don't care if you are a doctor, president or vagabond. You have 100% of my respect as any other alive being.

You can't earn my respect, while you already have 100% of my respect. I don't judge you based on common social status indicators as money, title, fame or any other bullshit. I do respect you might have different opinions and different experiences. I am ready to get to know what those are and learn from you.

How do you lose my respect?

If you don't respect others. If you are manipulating, abusing, treating people like shit. If you are any kind of an asshole.

You don't want to lose my respect. Because if you are a self-centered arrogant asshole, you will lose all my respect and what happens next is your worst nightmare.

I will ignore you.