The Precarious Leader — The Millennial

The Millennial Leader is a completely different breed of leader. This individual has the ability to push through challenges in a very different manner other than spending 70 hours a week in the office. To understand this is to understand why this person is inherently more entrepreneurial than the average employee aged 35+.

Millennials inherently know believe that companies and employers are not loyal. They understand employment is a contract, not a covenant. Their parents have been laid off by companies just before they were able to retire and cash in on their pensions. Speaking of pension plans, they virtually no longer exist. The Millennial Leader’s BS meter is highly sensitive due to the transparency of social media and the internet. They take the initiative. They have a tendency to ask for forgiveness and not permission. They take calculated risk and do not take No for an answer but they will accept responsibility for their actions and if not supported, will find a group of like-minded individuals and will find a way to convince you why you should support them.

Frankly, I love the millennial. Many companies try to restrain them to conventional means. This ensues a host of relational issues. 80 percent of employees let go from companies are due to relational problems. That is where I come in. I help the employer understand the employee and prepare the millennials for their prospective employer.

Ah, but the Leaders of this generation are fearless, care about people, refuse to be labeled or put in a box. They value personal development, life experiences, adding value and are adamant about what they intend to do. They average no more than 3 years in a position. Be aware that if they are no longer being fed and continually pushed for more responsibility you will lose them to a more suitable opportunity. They will become your competition and will move faster and further than you will have imagined.

The elders of this bunch are hitting the executive levels as we speak and they will redefine the landscape in terms of accountability. These magnificent leaders may make your employees uncomfortable in the sense that they will change paradigms, but your business will grow exponentially.

This is a magnificent and precarious bunch. They are your new world changers. They are kicking ass and taking names daily. You want these agents of change in your ranks. If you are brave enough to follow one, you will see the magic of transformation take place right before your eyes and that growth you had always longed for will be yours.

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