how you would feel

being a very old person

looking back on your life

realizing it didn’t need to be as hard, or as sad,

as you made it?

To realize after all those years

you eagerly wasted

so many moments miserable,

doing what was expected of you

thinking it was needed of you

only to finally realize

it was all

a waste

dried up flowers in a vase.


Now imagine

you’re still a very old person

feeling a bit down now

the hope almost all winked out

the creases in your sorried skin giving in

wondering which breath is the last

your mind drifting back

to all those missed loves, those unpursued kisses

stories you never told

dances you never took

beaches you never ran along

the bitter memories scrambled

into a hot mix of faded wishes and dreams

a recipe crafted throughout the years

to make your life seem more than just dried up dust.


But now imagine you are there

nearing the end

when suddenly you see it

a time machine

right there in the corner of the room

yep, a mother-fucking time machine

I’m not fucking joking

it actually works

and it can take you back

only to one very specific point in time

to the very moment you’re reading this.

You hobble into the contraption

hit send

beep boop beeoop

and very quickly you are placed back into your body

here and now

a slight whirring sound as the world resets

spinning you through a new universe

through a future of loves and stories and dancing

always dancing

for as all old people know

there are few sweeter things in life.


There is of course

no such thing

time machines don’t exist yet

don’t be ridiculous

these are just the fears

of a 30-something fool

sitting on a plane in the night

legs folded

eyes tight from no sleep

slowly getting older

a slight pain in my knees

but I do think the question warrants

an answer.

stories you never told / dances you never took / beaches you never ran along /