A Teen’s Survival Guide Without Technology

Every morning I wake up to the voice of Ed Sheeran, on my alarm. Although, on Monday, October 23rd, I had to spend 24 extricating hours without TECHNOLOGY. Consequently, without technology I couldn’t use an alarm on my phone. So I had to listen to a beautiful voice. Of my mom. It was challenging because I’ve fallen in a pattern of listening to “What Do I Know?” than pressing snooze like 10 000 times. But eventually, I’m able to wake up. My moms voice isn’t as loud or demanding as Ed Sheeran so instead of waking up at 7:10, I got out of bed at 7:20 which means I only have 20 minutes to get ready. Although, I didn’t feel I needed as much time because I was not distracted by checking all my social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook in the morning before school.

As soon as I got to my bus, I expected to pull out my phone with my marble/grey ear phones, but no budge. So, instead of listening to music I had to engage in conversation, IN THE MORNING. I love talking to my friends, but I am not a morning person.

When first period started, I had law class. We have an upcoming test that I’m so nervous for. I usually liked taking pictures of my friends notes so I can use them as reference. But yesterday I had no phone so I know I had to do the shocking, use my hand, pull out a pencil and write it down! When lunch finally came along, I was excited to finally go on my phone and check my notifications, but I forgot again. I couldn’t show my friends memes, dresses or something I found funny online, we just had to talk. Throughout the day, I felt the need to pull out my phone to send “Snapchat streaks” so I won’t lose my streaks before 24 hours is up.

When I finally get home, I usually like watching tv or pulling out my phone to watch a new Netflix show I’m binge-watching. But I couldn’t. So I continued reading this book I’m enjoying called “Top Ten.” It actually felt pretty good to just not stare at a bright screen and just read a book. Once I started studying and doing my homework I felt a lot more efficient then having my phone by my side just staring at me to take it and start scrolling.

Before I went to bed I didn’t feel so tired. I knew even though I didn’t have my phone I had a pretty good day.

I realized you don’t need a phone to feel complete. All you need are things that make you feel happy. I spent time with my friends, read and got my work done

and I realized that’s all I need.