House With Flat Roof Shocks Newport, Rhode Island
Nicole Dieker

My home town hits the news! And it’s about old vs new (why am I not surprised). It’s been very silly reading people’s reactions to this since I’m familiar with the preservation society and all the bizarro “rules” they love to spout. Personally, I don’t take much issue with it. It’s not a densely housed part of town and it’s not like this went up in between two tiny homes. It’s a huge lot. What I really don’t understand is everyone calling it an eyesore. Of course it’s an eyesore! The yard is all dug up and there are steel beams everywhere! Most new houses look super weird when they’re shiny and new — even if they’re architecturally compatible with the surrounding houses. Once the shingles and windows go on, the landscapers come, and it gets a little weathered it’ll be fine. (Also, why the comparison to a spaceship??? It looks more like a fancy cut jewel to me.)

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