To the New Mom
Anne Catlin Johnson

Alright people…..Now it is my turn to describe a day at home with the newborn! My baby is 2 weeks old. My partner was asleep until 11 am. I woke up at 7 am, spent an hour breasfeeding, giving baby a sponge bath, dressing and changing her. Made myself coffee, drank it and ate liquid yogurt for breakfast. Baby took a nap, I showered, got dressed. Made a phone call to credit card company to report credit card fraud. Then called united airlines to figure out baby travel rules, luggage. etc. Then I spent 1 hour on work projects working on my computer. at 11 am, woke up my partner, fed the baby again, pumped again, got her dressed and ate lunch (my partner did help me with that). at 1pm we took our baby out for 3 hours to a museum. got back at 4pm, fed her, ate dinner, had over an hour of tommy time, fed her again, put her to sleep and watched a movie with my partner and ate a late night snack. I love my baby this is million times more wonderful than anyone told me. it would be like, despite all the breastfeeding disaster i am in the middle of. I really hope this woman gets some help, both mental and physical from someone who is close to her. amen.

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