A Great Awakening is Upon Us

QAnon speaks freely to ignite a new freedom movement.

QAnon. For those who have been following the QAnon posts, or “breadcrumbs,” on 8chan, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, the name itself is loaded with meaning, curiosity, and, perhaps most of all, HOPE.

For those who don’t know who or what QAnon is, the name is merely a curiosity.

QAnon, or simply “Q”, chose to be secretive, and to methodically expose the corruption in our government by speaking behind a veil of anonymity to start “A Great Awakening,” a new wave of truth-telling and transparency, and freedom from Deep State or “Shadow Government” control of our government and our economy. This is a movement that will liberate the United States, and other countries, from controlling forces that most citizens know very little about.

If this person, or group of people, wants to be taken seriously, why don’t they tell us who they are?

So, a suspension of disbelief is required for anyone who goes down the QAnon “rabbit hole.” After all, QAnon, or simply “Q”, is absolutely anonymous, and anonymity arouses suspicion. If this person, or group of people, wants to be taken seriously, why don’t they tell us who they are? Why don’t they build a foundation of credibility based on their résumés and access to information?

Let’s remember that the corporate media is biased. The mainstream media, or “MSM,” dislikes our president, Donald J. Trump. Indeed, “dislike” is putting it mildly. Their disdain for him is constantly on display.

So we have to start there when it comes to understanding why QAnon must remain anonymous. If he, she, or they disclosed who they are, they would immediately come under scrutiny by the MSM, and it would be biased scrutiny with the aim of destroying the QAnon message.

The Five Benefits of Q’s Anonymity

1 — Freedom of Speech Behind the Veil of Anonymity

Anonymity provides safety and the freedom to reveal sensitive information. “Q” is the highest security clearance in the Department of Energy and equivalent to Top Secret clearance in the Department of Defense, implying that QAnon has access to the highest level of critically sensitive information. What’s more, there is good reason to believe that Q is close to POTUS and works with Military Intelligence, with access to NSA surveillance tools and data.

QAnon’s only real choice, in terms of maintaining anonymity, was an anonymous imageboard, first 4chan, then, when 4chan was compromised, 8chan. These message boards, where users can post text, links and images, are completely anonymous. Users cannot be traced back to an email or profile. As a result, users can speak openly about anything.

2 — Sparking a Citizen Investigation

Anonymity was and is of paramount importance to QAnon. But there’s another critical advantage to the use of these imageboards. Many of the veteran anons are online investigators, talented researchers who are experienced at scouring the internet for information that can corroborate and expand upon QAnon’s cryptic “breadcrumbs”. Their investigations serve to validate the info leaks and insider revelations that QAnon provides.

3 — The Information War is Fought with Memes

A third benefit, these anons also know how to create effective memes. A meme is a picture/text concept, a message that catches the eye and communicates much like an advertisement that communicates an idea quickly, often with humor or a poignant insight.

4 — The Creation of a Redpill Army

The fourth benefit is the anon community itself. Anons tend to be very devoted to their area of expertise, and to the search for truth. Their running dialog, debate, humor and goading serves to build a community of like-minded people. QAnon stepped into this community and became a lightning rod of interest and intense scrutiny. QAnon became “one of them,” a heroic figure, a bringer of hope, and a leader. QAnon knows the anon mindset.

“I started realizing I had a PURPOSE!”

On several occasions, QAnon has responded to anon questions and comments. A dialog is taking place, albeit a cryptic one. On one occasion, an anon offered a heartfelt thank you, and Q replied …

QAnon’s “tripcode” is Q !UW.yye.1fxo — with the Q in bold.
5 — Patriotism on Steroids

The patriotism of the community of citizen investigators that has grown up around QAnon is adamant about restoring America, adamant about bringing justice to those who have undermined our country, and adamant about supporting the Great Awakening and the “Second American Revolution” that QAnon has sparked.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was first published anonymously in 1776 as a safe way to redpill the colonists. QAnon is our new Thomas Paine, laying the groundwork of understanding necessary for a Second American Revolution; and 8chan is the “publisher” that will go down in history as QAnon’s partner in disseminating the truth to the masses and turning the tide against the Deep State. All of this is being done without a desire for notoriety or financial gain.

It’s all be done to reclaim the country they love.


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