The Nuclear Family (Or, why we need Mooji now, to save the world.)

Kim Jong-Un and President Trump have done us a favor. They have reminded us once again that humankind is a “nuclear family,” intimately connected by the MAD reality.

They’ve reminded us of something else, too: how a psychological situation can escalate into a conflagration of violence and destruction.

But the psychology of the war-footing scenario is where we need to focus.

Mankind is always on a war footing. War is the history of mankind. Civilization evolved in spite of it, and sometimes because of it.

Conflict, hatred, and violence are core human characteristics. It’s as if we force ourselves to forcefully confront the reality of who we are as God-breathed creatures, because being God-breathed is not enough.

Humans simply refuse to deny themselves the luxury of power, control, fame and wealth, because these things make us feel important and purposeful, and give us pleasure. Well, it’s pleasure for some, torture and death for many, many others.

No one is teaching us a better way.

The world has no prominent spiritual teachers. The ones we have have been relegated to passive roles tightly circumscribed by cultural and political realities.

Controlling forces have used our cultural, ethnic, religious and political differences to drive us apart. Love and forgiveness have lost their place as public virtues, and the human heart has been buried under piles of consumer waste, weakness, fear, poverty, propaganda, corporatism, nationalism, idleness, ignorance and 1000 other forms of psychic rubbish.

How can any spiritual teacher dig through all the crap, or confront all the forces that are numbing and destroying the human family?

Kim and Donald remind us of this, yet both are mere humans, mere individuals, just like us. Who gives them the right?

We do. We elect our leaders, or we allow them to seize control, as a collective of humans with just as much inherent free will as they have.

Nuclear bombs might drive us to sanity.

MAD (mutually assured destruction) has been our reality since “Little Boy” (the world’s first atomic bomb) was detonated over Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945.

Effectively, MAD keeps the world’s superpowers in check, keeps them “honest,” so to speak.

But MAD should also be driving us to a better form of sanity: mutually assured prosperity (MAP), a world in which the nations and their people agree to help each other succeed and thrive.

MAP is far more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

MAP contains the power to create, rather than destroy; the power of humankind to create something better, and more powerful than the nuclear bombs it has created to destroy itself.

One ounce of human creativity could turn planet Earth into a paradise for virtually every one of its inhabitants.

Here’s how MAP works. Every world leader, whether president or dictator, is put into a single room. Only one leader per country! (Of course, I realize that how we get them there is a wee bit complicated.)

They are allowed snacks and water, comfortable chairs and pillows to sit on, etc. No smartphones, handguns, or knives.

Mooji is there at the front of the “class” to say hello. Then the satsang begins. (A “satsang” is a class on enlightenment.) Meet Mooji at this link.

There is no conversation about world issues, economics, peace, religion, disarmament, etc. None of that stuff allowed.

The only topic of conversation is how each person in the room can discover and experience the true nature of their being.

One by one, the world’s leaders begin to discover, experientially, the true reality behind the reality they have, for so long, thought was so important, their world of controlling forces at odds with each other.

They experience the reality of the deep level of consciousness, or spirit, where their true, immutable self resides, where it has allows been, right there, waiting for them to pay attention to it, with Mooji’s guidance.

They discover their connectedness to each other and to the human family.

From that point on, they begin to convince the world of the power and efficacy of benevolent consciousness.

Won’t be easy, that’s for sure, but Mooji will have taught them how. They simply have to be examples, not teachers, not enforcers.

They simply have to begin living out of that inner awareness of who they truly are, and the world will learn from them, see the beauty of the new way, and of MAP, and to experience global transformation, as the future of the planetary nuclear family is re-imagined and enters a new eon.


John Leslie Butchart has written a book on quantum physics and metaphysics that explores ultimate questions, if you’re interested in such things.

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About the Author:

John Leslie Butchart

John Leslie Butchart attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he studied psychology, philosophy, anthropology, Southern literature, creative writing and filmmaking.

He and his family own and operate a motion picture production company, Highway 29 Motion Pictures, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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