3 Film Financing Myths, Hacked by Data
Team Slated

Wowzer, what a great, long-overdue glimpse of what’s happening in the world of film financing and profitability. As an independent filmmaker, it’s good to know that there is demand for good films outside the majors’ primary marketing windows. Now indie producers like myself need to be looking for an online marketing platform that serves our needs as creators (working without fancy spreadsheets or off-shore tax havens) to simply get our films in front of audiences — deserving films for deserving audiences — but (hopefully) without the big corporate disintermediation; a pipeline from us to them, from artists to their audiences, and a rebirth of original, ground-breaking filmmaking from grassroot artisans of film — a worldwide voice that has for too long been suppressed either by marketplace power centers or our own lack of income-producing opportunites, artistic vision and/or confidence in the face of corporate dominance and marketplace dynamics. Again, thanks for this well-written article — you have begun (by talking numbers) to build a new foundation under grassroots filmmaking.