Blockchain hinders the effort to make institutions more trustworthy by empowering…
Kai Stinchcombe

I appreciate you are working hard to make “the system” do what it is supposed to do. But Glass-Steagal and all the other reasonable rules and laws that are being flouted or repealed were simply not enough to prevent the latest edition of kleptocracy which, you are right, has grown monstrous on a technological diet. I see the faults you find with blockchain and the “arrogance” of its developers as a know-it-all rejection of what motivates the true enthusiasts whose efforts you decry. Decentralization without loss of order has simply never been possible throughout the history of civilization. Until now. Public blockchains in sufficiently scaled networks make it ‘possible’ to decentralize various social structures. It doesn’t make that happen, it provides a glimpse of a new way it could be done, which may need many iterations before it is truly functional. Meanwhile, I hope you are right and we can pull ourselves together to make our current centrally maintained order work. But I find myself annoyed at the scorn you heap on the idealists who are enthused about finding a new way to address the issues that need addressing, and have always needed addressing. You think they are misguided and absorbed in their own thing and taking energy away from the important struggle. I hope you have at least considered the possibility that they would say the same of you.