To mansplain*

From the word “mec,” meaning guy. Homonym for “m’expliquer,” meaning explain to me.

How do you say, “Obviously, he’s going to try to mansplain my own theorem to me today.”
“Evidemment, il va essayer de mecspliquer mon propre théorème aujourd’hui.”

* For the most recent egregious example of mansplaining, look no further than the letter that father of convicted Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, wrote to the court, mansplaining how his son could no longer eat his favorite foods because of “20 minutes of action.”

And if you haven’t already, please read the heartbreaking, powerful letter from his victim, which shows the devastation those “20 minutes of action” wrought.

H/T to @debcha

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.